Lost Area & Lord Of The Lost

Lord Of The Lost

Lost Area und Lord Of The Lost traten am 24.04.2014 im Rahmen der Into The Fire-Tour in der Live Music Hall in Köln auf! Hier gibt es die Fotos von den beiden Bands!

Lost Area

Setlist Lost Area:

The Spell
You Are Alive
The Way Acazstred
From The Ashes
Promise Not To Hate Me
When Darkness Falls

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Lord Of The Lost

Setlist Lord Of The Lost:

Intro – Prologue
Kill It With Fire
Your Vicotires
Last Words
Six Feet Underground
Undead Of Alive
Blood For Blood
Shut Up When You’re Talking To Me
See You Soon
My Heart Is Black
My Own Shadow
This War
Break Your Heart
Till Death Us Do Part
Beyond Beautiful

Zugaben 1:
Intro Li
Die Tomorrow
Dry The Rain 2014

Zugaben 2:
Live Today
Black Lolita

Zugaben 3:
La Bomba
Drum Solo
Sex On Legs
Credo / Bad Romance

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